Picking Out Trimming Scissors

Picking out right pair of trimming scissors can be like picking out clothes at a store. There are so many options, styles and qualities to choose from; and in a way you should look at it like that. You have multiple types and styles of shirts and pants, why not scissors too? Pruners work well for cutting stalks and branches while smaller trimming scissors are used for removing leaves and precision trimming. Using trimming scissors as pruners for stalks and branches will result in dull or broken scissors, while using pruners for delicate work like trimming and removing leaves will result in a poorly trimmed harvest. There are also multiple versions of scissors to choose from, depending on your scissor preference. We find that owning multiple pairs helps with scissor longevity as well as user fatigue.

Types of Trimming Scissors

Pruning shear

Pruners – Pruning shears are your to-go for cutting branches and stalks of plants. These guys are for the tough work and are designed with a thick blade to easily cut through plant stalks. Pruning shears should be what you are using for cutting any stalks and stems but not for trimming.

Bonsai Shears

Bonsai Scissors – Bonsai style scissors are a popular type of scissor among trimmers. Bonsai trimmers are springless scissors used for precision pruning. Growers that use them prefer the springless action due to decreased fatigue from less force closing the scissors.

spring assist trimming scissors

Spring-Assist Trimming Scissors – Spring-assist trimming scissors cover a wide range of the scissors you’ll see for sale and are probably the most popular type of any scissor. Spring-assist trimming scissors are used for precision pruning. The spring assist helps with the opening action of the scissor, allowing for faster trimming and less blade sticking due to the spring assist.

mini snip trimming scissors

Mini Snips – Mini Snip type scissors are another style of precision trimmer. These are among the smallest scissors and usually have a spring assist. The small size and short blade length allow for very quick and precise finish work.

Trimming Scissor Features

Besides the types of trimming scissors there are also various features that are available.

straight vs curved trimming scissors

Straight Blade vs Curved Blade – Straight blade trimming scissors have a flat blade while curved blade trimming scissors have a curved blade. The difference is ergonomical but some growers will prefer one style over another. We recommend a set of each to reduce fatigue. Changing your cutting angle while trimming can help prevent your hand from getting as tired.

Stainless vs titanium trimming scissors

Stainless Steel vs Titanium Coated Blades – Stainless steel blades are your typical silver looking blades while titanium blades are coated in titanium to protect the blade and are gold in color. The difference is titanium coated blades keep a sharper edge longer. Titanium coated blade versions of trimming scissors usually cost a little more for the premium coating.

Over time as you gain experience and try different scissors you’ll see what your favorites are. We personally recommend owning the different types of scissors to handle different tasks, as well as different styles, like straight and curved. During long trimming sessions we find that switching between types of scissors can help reduce fatigue since you’re switching up your cutting angle. Regardless of what you end up choosing, it’ll get the job done!

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